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    Our Wine

    We are the growers of the wine, not the makers of it! After laboring many hours in the vineyard trying to produce the best grapes possible, we would rather leave the winemaking to the experts. So the grapes travel from our land in Skull Valley to Page Springs Cellars where Eric Glomski and his wonderful crew of men and women take over and begin the magic of turning the fruit into the wine.

    At Painted Lady Vineyard we organically cultivate only Gewurztraminer vines and craft our grapes into a traditional Alsatian style wine – dry, fruity and elegant. After destemming, our winemaker, Eric Glomski, allows the grapes to sit on their skins for up to forty-eight hours before pressing the berries and fermenting in stainless steel for one month (*see below from Eric Glomski*). After primary fermentation, malolactic fermentation is inhibited and the wine is aged in neutral oak for several months.
    By not filtering for cold or hot stabilization, that is using cream of tartar and bentonite as filters, we keep the wonderful aromatics in our wine, as well as the full bloom flavor of this grape varietal. Oz Clarke describes Gewurztraminer wine as if it was, indeed, a painted lady, a bosomy woman, with too much make-up because she craves attention. He says, “…[she] wants the sultry tones of passion and seduction giving way to the earthy notes of exhaustion and sleepy satisfaction. You want to guarantee that nostrils will quiver from the first moment you sweep through the door, you want clouds of Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium, Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Giorgio of Beverley Hills to billow out before you, announcing the arrival of the one grape no-one can resist. Yourself!” Thanks Oz!

    Generally speaking, our fine Gewurztraminer is bottled in the spring after harvest and is released a few months thereafter. The final wine is not sweet: it is fresh and complex with intense fruit and spice notes. Pair it with a variety of foods or enjoy it by itself, lightly chilled.