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    Spring Pruning

    As usual it seems that Easter is our time to prune.  Saturday came and we had help from Nikki Check and 3 of her students.  Some of the buds had already broken through and begun to leaf out, so perhaps a little late to prune.  We had to cut down many of our “old” trunks due to Crown Gall disease, only to find we also had signs of Eutypa ‘dieback’.  However good management last growing season gave us, for the most part, two new shoots to train along the cordons.  The cutting of the old vines is really hard – something we HAD to do, but not something we enjoyed doing.  Perhaps time to get out a bottle of wine and drown our sorrow!  Pic is of Jodi pruning. 

    Jodi pruning

    Pruning imminent

    Easter is coming this weekend and we will be pruning!  Weather has been in the low 70’s and buds are full.  It’s time.